What is Noosphere?

Noosphere is a project to index and sort all human beliefs creating a cognogram.

The goal of Noosphere is to highlight what is currently known to be scientifically understood to scientific illiterate people in a pragmatically digestible way.

Four companion projects are key to the success of Noosphere. NeLoA, NooAster, LightHouse

What is a cognogram?

A cognogram is a catalogue or table of beliefs a person holds.

Where can I find more information?

Read the current Technical Agenda and let us know of your thoughts.

Who is backing this project?

We are looking for collaborators and suggestions.

How can I contribute?

Noosphere needs your help finding scientific studies and statements of belief. The team is currently researching options on how to do this. Let us know if you would like information once we decide on a method of approach.


For further questions, please contact us.